Union City Chief Retires after More than a Decade

7 Eyewitness News Staff

After 19 years as police chief, Union City will lose a viable member of their police department.

Chief Joe Garner has decided to retire after serving the Union City Police Department for 33 years, with a 36 year law enforcement record.

Many Union City residents said they will miss Chief Garner greatly, adding he was a very loyal police officers to their community.

Although retirement will be a big change for Chief Garner, he said he is excited to doing things on his terms and spend more time with his family.

Chief Garner adds that he will miss his career in law enforcement and his daily routine.

"Working with the people. I've seen the department grow and the officers grow and i'm real proud to leave it where it's at," said Chief Joe Garner, who is retiring from the Union City Police Dept.

Chief Garner's last official day will be Saturday. Assistant Chief Perry Barfield will be interim chief until a decision is made on hiring a new chief.


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