Local mother and son wedding dance goes viral

Erik Taylor

NORTH JACKSON -- The classic mother and son slow dance is always a cherished wedding memory, especially for Jared Dauenhauer and his mom Mary K.

However, their's is not so traditional. It has caught the attention of more than 100,000 strangers as the reception dance goes viral.

Jared and his wife AlLee were married on July 5, but it's the reception that everyone seems to still be talking about.

"Well, his mom came up with the idea and then we choreographed it," AlLee said. "Jared did most of it, but we worked together and sent off videos."

With Jared in Jackson and Mary K. In Michigan, they were left to choreograph and practice the entire routine via FaceTime and swapped videos. The well-kept secret was a surprise for guests.

"We just tried to have fun with it. So it was kind of some of the stuff we seen in other wedding videos we seen online. And the rest of it was like how can I get my mom to try to dance hip hop." Jared said.

It's a wedding memory the new couple -- and thousands of others -- will never forget.

"I just liked that it was a surprise that people didn't know it was coming also I think the "Stanky Leg" part his mom kept calling it the "Janky Leg". Like she had a hard time with the lingo and so I just thought that was hilarious." AlLee said.

See the dance here:


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