Union University Students Remember Tornado Five Years Later

Empriss Campbell

JACKSON, Tenn. - Five years later Kayla McKinney and Ashely Jackson still remember the day when a tornado ripped through their campus.

"A few seconds later heard a train sound deep pressure and the lights went out and all of a sudden the side of the building came off we were in the bathroom but we could see outside,: said Kayla McKinney, former student.

51 students were taken to the hospital and 17 buildings on the Union University campus were completely destroyed.

"I did see some good friends of mine going into ambulances and stuff like that where the seriousness started to come," said McKinney.

Ashley Jackson was a Residential Director Back in 2008 and still holds that position today. Jackson said it is hard for her to picture all the destruction she saw.

"It was bad but I didn't remember seeing it. I don't remember seeing the destruction in that moment...I know God protected my eyes because if I had seen it I don't know what I would of done because I had a job to do," said Jackson.

Students were back on campus , two weeks after the storm. The university's student housing and damaged classroom facilities were rebuilt in time for the fall semester.


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