Dr. David S. Dockery


Union University's President Announces Plans to Step Down

Erica Williams

JACKSON, Tenn. – Union University President Dr. David S. Dockery called a faculty and staff meeting, Tuesday, to discuss administrative changes.

Dr. Dockery has been Union University's President since 1995 and said that he and the board have discussed the right time to hand off leadership. Dockery stated that time is now.

Dockery announced that he will step down as the University’s President by July 2014. At that point, he will become a chancellor at the university and advise members of the board and Union University’s future President.

"If I were walking away and leaving, it would be extremely difficult," said Dockery. "But the fact that I'm still going to be involved and still going to be connected, I'm frankly excited and hopeful for the days ahead."

Dockery said the new President must be a Christian leader and someone who is committed to higher education and Union University.

The Board of Trustees reported that they will immediately begin a nationwide search to find Dockery’s replacement.


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