Union City Club Closed Down

Meghan Pinkley

A club in Union City got shut down for the night, after they were accused of illegal activity going on inside.

Club owners said that was not going to stop them from opening up their doors the next weekend, and doing what they believed was right for their community.

Union City police said they had always had trouble with the business, no matter who the owner was. The newest owner had been there for about 5 months, and was shut down early Sunday morning.

Estez Mitchell said his club was going to be different.

"Wanted everyone to have a good time, wanted it to be a social thing as we grew and got bigger, a lot of changes we were going to do,"
said Mitchell.

Union City Police said they would have liked to see the business clean up its act after closing the Blue Marble down for the day, early Sunday morning.

The club was accused of having a large quantity of alcohol stored on their property. According to investigators, The Blue Marble did not have a liquor or beer license.

"What they got was empty bottles from last weeks party, which was a private event, it was B.Y.O.B.," added Mitchell.

Officers said they also found several bag of marijuana in the V.I.P. room. Mitchell admitted it belonged to a person at the party.

Mitchell said the building on East Main St. was originally supposed to be a restaurant, and that was still the intention.

"I mean, we do good things, as far as we're open on Friday's for "Teen Night"", said Mitchell.

According to Investigator Chris Cummings, Union City Police go out of their way every weekend to make sure places like The Blue Marble are safe for the community.

Mitchell assured Union City residents, that only good would come from their business, and the owner of the club was in the process of getting his beer and liquor license.

Owners of The Blue Marble said they would open their doors the next weekend as usual.


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