Union City Woman Loses Home To Arson

Meghan Pinkley

A family has been terrorized after their house was intentionally set on fire twice in a month's time. Union City Police believe the mother and her two children were targeted in each of the attacks.

Neighbors said the fact that Aprili Nunley has been directly sabotaged leads them to believe someone is after her, but Nunley said she does not know of anyone who would want to harm her or her kids.

The tears of sadness rolled down Nunley's cheek as she thought about the last 24 hours and how her home was taken from her. "Sad and mad at the same time. Nervous and scared, fearing for my life and my children's life," said Nunley.

Union City Police said it was arson and this was not the first time Nunley has been targeted. "It was another occurrence like about a month ago where they tried to cocktail something at my window," added Nunley.

Nunley and her children were at home the first time the unknown suspect or suspects threw a fiery object at her window and she said luckily they were not successful, that was, until Monday night.

Neighbors of Nunley heard a big explosion and smelled the smoke but did not see who started it.

"They were here an hour and half before it happened. The kids were out here playing across the field and doing all this and an hour and half later their house was on fire," said Kim Watts.

Nunley said both times her house has been targeted it has been directed toward her bedroom window. According to officials whoever intentionally started the fire is out to get somebody in that house.

"I haven't been into it with anybody. I don't have any enemies that I know of, so I have no idea," stated Nunley.

Residents of the area said they used to think their neighborhood was safe but not they are not so sure. "They could do it with anybody else and yeah, with children in the house, that is sad," added Watts.

After being a victim of arson twice, Nunley said she plans to move and get as far away from that neighborhood as she can.

The arson is still under investigation. If you have any information that could help investigators, call Union City Police at (731) 885-1515.


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