Utility Provider Making Repairs, Adjustiments After Storm

Heather Mathis

HAYWOOD CO., Tenn.- A 300-foot radio tower came crashing down late Thursday, after it was damaged in a late afternoon storm.

Southwest Electric told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News winds damaged the tower and they had to take it down. The loss of the radio signal hindered efforts to restore power to customers. Without the tower crews had to rely on cell phones to communicate.

"We worked with our people out in the field, working with just our cell phones," said Kevin Murphy, president of Southwest Tennessee Electric. "That came out real well. By about 10 Friday morning, we had the majority of our customers on."

The utility company said only a few homes are still without power. The tower will take about two months to fix, and the company said insurance will cover the cost.

"We can drop it pretty quick, but we can't put it back up real fast," said Murphy.

Southwest Electric said even with the inconvenience they still feel like they are prepared in case of an emergency.

"This tower only affects this one office, and we are still able to talk to workers out in the field," said Murphy.

Southwest said they were also working with the Brownsville Utility Department to help restore power to residents inside city limits.


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