Vandalism and Trespassing Causing Problems in McNairy County

Ben Rainwater

SELMER, Tenn. - For years, Harold Pearcy has watched his family's farmland in Selmer become a place for illegal off-roading and parties.

"We have a real problem with individuals on their four-wheelers, their dirt bikes, and their ATV vehicles going down in the fields in disrupting the cotton fields and so forth," said Pearcy.

Dirt roads have replaced what used to be cotton fields, and Pearcy said trespassers even built a shack in his woods. The trail that leads to it, is littered with beer cans, cigarettes, and other trash.

"It has become a gathering place for young people," said Pearcy. "They use it for their consumption of alcohol and things like that."

What scares Pearcy the most is liability as the property owner. With the shack located on a creek and deep ruts throughout the area, he said it is just a matter of time until someone gets hurt.

"We're also concerned about the liability that we will be responsible if there's an accident," said Pearcy. "Cypress Creek, it's very wide and it's very deep. That could easily happen."

This is not an isolated issue. Pearcy said trespassing and vandalism have been going on for two to three years in the area.

"It's not only our property," said Pearcy. "It's other properties in the area that are being vandalized. So we're looking for something to get this resolved and hope it doesn't happen much longer."


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