Many veterans in West Tennessee are hopeful there will soon be a new military cemetery closer to home. A newly organized steering committee is evaluating sites in Madison and Henderson County to develop a 100 acre military cemetery. Leaders of the committee told 7 Eyewitness News cemeteries in Memphis and Nashville are becoming crowded. They will have to chose three sites to recommend to Tennessee Veterans Affair before a final decision is made. Veterans in the area said they hope to one day be remembered there. "It's just the honor to the family when your kids are grown. They can bring their kids and say. 'hey we're going out to this military cemetery where your granddaddy is buried at,'" said Veteran Eddie Bray. "It's an honor to the family of the veterans." The steering committee plans to make its recommendations by June or July. They will then have to purchase the site through donations and fundraisers. State and federal funds are expected to cover the development of the cemetery.