Volunteers Help With Storm Damage Cleanup

Laura Bannon

HURON, Tenn- Storm damage left many homeowners with trees on the ground or even on the roof.

he Beech River Baptist Relief Team, director Rick Taylor explained the constant work his crews have been doing since the storms hit.

"We have helped 40 homeowners of Henderson and Decatur Counties with tree debris. A lot of our work is also on top of roofs, putting tarps on, once we take trees off we have found holes which we had to go in and cover them up," said Taylor.

One homeowner, was left with trees covering his driveway which left him without transportation for over a week.

Gene Milam explained, "I still felt lucky to have no injury some neighbors helped me get up and I tried to make the best out of it."

All it took was one phone call and the relief team arrived to clear away his driveway. Milam explained his excitement of the volunteers. "Workers have been working all over the county and they have spent many hours for everyone. This is volunteer work I really appreciate it, I know everyone else does too."

In the case of tree damage a job like a fallen tree on a roof of a home would cost up to three thousand dollars to remove.

Lonnie Shouard is retired and has volunteered all across Tennessee helping thousands of people.

"I believe people should help each other out at a time like this. So many people don't have anyone, we helped a lady out last week with a tree in their yard and she did not have anyone to help," said Shouard.

Residents said they are thankful for the work the volunteers have done and are likely in the future to pay it forward.

"It's great to be apart of a community that pulls together in this way and has an organization like the Tennessee baptist disaster relief," said Donna Thompson of the Briarwood Church.


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