Ways to Keep Healthy in your New Years Resolution

Natalie Potts

JACKSON, Tenn.- It is a new year and for many that means resolutions and achieving new goals. This year increasing health and wellness are the most popular resolutions for West Tennesseans for 2013.

Residents said they want to be in shape and kick of their new year with a promise to get healthy but many do not know where to start.

"Well, I would really like to lose about 20 pounds. I'm not too good at that because I eat a lot of bread," said resident Una Morgan. "I'd like to know some tips to losing weight and not having that craving for the breads."

Jackson's Wellfit doctor Jeremy Draper gave WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News his best ways to getting patients healthy. He said it all starts with getting a physical and drinking water.

"Definitely get an annual physical, get your blood work checked every year. The best way to lose weight, number one make sure your getting enough to drink. Often times we mistake thirst for hunger," said Draper.

Jayson Keel, Jackson's cross-fit trainer said that residents looking to get in shape first need to have an understanding of how diet and exercise work together. He said 70 percent of weight loss is found in the kitchen, but every goal takes sacrifice in the gym.

"The big thing is, ' what is fitness?' Everybody comes in here with this goal," said Keel. "They want to be fit but do they really ask themselves ' what that fitness is? "

Both Draper and Keel believe the meaning of fitness is about increasing people's quality of life.

"The biggest benefit is not just the quality of life but quantity of life, you live longer," said Draper.

Doctors said you should also keep your body fueled with five or six small healthy meals throughout the day. Take multivitamins to balance your body's nutrients.

"Eat meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit , little starch and no sugar," said Draper. "Sugar is the culprit try and cut down on that."

Draper said it Is never too late to start. He said eating healthy and staying physically fit can add 7-10 years to your life. Experts also said it Is a good idea to share your health and fitness goals with people close to you, so they can help motivate you.


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