Weather Worsens Weakley County Roads

Ben Rainwater

WEAKLEY COUNTY, Tenn. - Flash flooding, roads washing out, branches falling into traffic and accumulating ice lead to dangerous conditions in Weakley County.

"Tree accumulations got pretty heavy, lots of icing on the power lines, several power outages throughout our area as well as south of us," Jamison Peevyhouse, the Weakley County Emergency Management Director said.

Those weather issues were around lunchtime. As the day went on, tree limbs fell into the road and ice started forming, making many roads into obstacle courses for drivers.

"Seen a lot of branches down on some of the back roads and lots of ice patches that are still frozen over," resident Jack Pflueger said.

As the sun went down, the rain never let up. Emergency workers said at that point flooding became a major problem.

"Where we live, it's not lit at all coming up and down the roads versus driving down the highways," resident Breana O'Callaghan said. "You're coming from a back road. There's no light aside from your headlights."

"Flooding is a killer," Peevyhouse said. "It's the number one killer when it comes to situations like these. That's why we ask folks to stay home. If you're out driving in this, it's dark, you don't see the water, you don't expect it to be there, and when you see it it's too late."

Emergency workes said with problematic roads, their response time would be delayed. The best advice to area citizens was to stay inside and keep your cellphone charged.

"Cellphones have really changed the way we communicate with our public," Peevyhouse said. "Even if all the power fails, your cellphone battery will keep you through the night, and we can reach out to you with social media or with calls or with text messaging or whatever it may be."


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