Website Lets People Use Photos to Interpret Bible Words

Mallory Cooke

JACKSON, Tenn.-A new website called Bible Smiles could make reading the Bible easier and more interesting. The site’s creator hopes it will take off in West Tennessee then spread.

“I’m not a very good Bible reader,” said Mark Givens, web developer.

Givens admits reading the Bible can be challenging. “The words are a little dry sometimes and it can be a little slow,” he said. “It's not like reading a novel.”

Givens created It allows people to upload pictures for each word in the text. “You can read a verse a little differently than traditional because you'll be looking at the pictures instead of the words,” he said.

People pick pictures that represent each word. “There's the picture,” said Givens. “You can add a description if you like.”

Users can upload images on the website right from their computer. “Well, you pick a word, any word, in the entire Bible and you reserve it,” said Givens. “You have three days to create a picture and upload the picture.”

Givens counted close to 800,000 words of doctrine. “The biggest difficulty was separating each word from the verses,” he said.

Givens launched the website about a week and a half ago. “The main thing was for me to get me to read the Bible more often and hopefully it'll do that,” he said.

People can log on and use the site free of charge.


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