Weekend Storm Rips Apart Local Business, Owner Will Struggle This Christmas

Brittany Nicholson

GIBSON COUNTY, Tenn. -- The owner of a restaurant in Humboldt says it will be out of business after the weekend storm tore the roof off.

Donald Hickombottom says when the roof of his restaurant caved in during the storm Saturday night, 2 people barely missed being seriously injured.

"He just had got up and the other guy was sitting..on a stool. I don't know where the stool went to," Hickombottom said.

He has been the owner of the building for more than 30 years and says Hickombottom Lounge won't be open for at least a year or until he gets enough money to open it back up.

"20, 30 thousand [dollars].. Might be more," Hickombottom said.

Hickombottom says he has an auto sales business to fall back on, but that his income from the bar was more consistent, and he will struggle without it.

"Every day we're open somebody will come through here and buy something. Auto sales, it doesn't work like that, not every day," he said.

He also says the storm damage couldn't come at a worse time, right on the brink of Christmas.

"We usually do a little better around Christmas. People come from out of town, relatives come in and stuff."

He says he will miss about a thousand dollars a week, but he insists on remaining positive.

"I feel lucky because nobody had a scratch on them, so that was real luck," Hickombottom said.

The owner also said today he will help his employees find another job until he is able to open the bar back up.


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