West Tennesseans Watch Presidential Debate

Emily Cassulo

JACKSON, Tenn. - As the President and Mitt Romney went head to head in the first presidential debate Wednesday night, West Tennesseans were watching.

Some admitted they had their minds made up on their choice for president, even before the debate began.

"I've decided I'm voting for Romney, just based on looking at the past four years. Back where I'm from in Indiana, I've seen a lot of Obama's policies haven't been good for small business. So when he's running on his record, it's really hard to vote for him in the upcoming election," said Allison Pulliam, a Union freshman and Republican.

Other residents want Obama.

"I think he's the best man for the job," said Jamie Warrington, a Democrat. "He's been doing a very good job so far, I believe. I certainly don't want Romney."

But the residents 7 Eyewitness News spoke with did agree jobs are the most important issue.

"People with jobs, it gives them hope," said Johann Merx, an Independent. "Everybody wants to be able to pay their bills. People want to be able to feed their families."

They said the economy will have the biggest impact on the election.

"There's a lot of other topics that are important, but I think that's the one that holds the most weight with the most people," Pulliam said.

Some residents said the election is going to be a close call, but think President Obama will win again in the end.

"I think Obama will win the election, and most of it's going to be riding on Florida," Merx said.

There are two more presidential debates and one vice presidential debate before Election Day in November.


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