West Tennesseans participate in mini tractor pull

MERCER, Tenn. -- A sport that some would consider unique happened in West Tennessee on Saturday evening.

The West Tennessee Mini Tractor Pullers held a mini tractor pull. Competitors were broken up into thirteen divisions and two of those categories were youth groups.

The goal is to pull a 6,000 pound sled with a mini tractor, and the person with the fastest pulling time wins the race.

The oldest puller was 70 years old and the youngest was the his grandson, 3-year-old Carter Kiestler.

"Well his dad and Paw-Paw have been pulling for years and so when she got old enough she started pulling, since he's old enough we started letting him pull this year," Amanda Kiestler said, Carter's mother.

"It's a family sport and you get hooked, it gets in your blood," Rickey Wylie said, a mini tractor puller contestant.

The winners of each category got a cash prize and a trophy. The next race will be held on Friday at the Dyer Expo Center.


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