West Tennessee Man Nearly Beaten to Death

Ben Rainwater

GUYS, Tenn. - A West Tennessee man, who was nearly beaten to death with an ax handle, is now recovering at the Regional Medical Center in Memphis.

Family members are searching for answers; wondering why their loved one was attacked.

"It's not a pill you swallow very easily, knowing that someone you're so close to was been beaten this badly for reasons that you have no idea why," said James Thompson, the victim's brother.

Authorities said when the victim, Michael Thorne, walked into a friend's house, he was attacked by Cody Glover. Investigators said Glover hit Thorne in the head with an ax handle, then stomped and kicked his face. Glover is in Hardin County Jail in lieu of $100,000 bond, facing aggravated assault charges.

"He was beaten pretty badly," said Thompson. "From his forehead down to his pants was pretty much solid blood."

Thorne was airlifted to The Med in Memphis, where he is being treated for extensive injuries.

"There was dual occipital fractures," said Thompson. "They (doctors) weren't sure as to the condition of his left eye. They'd informed us that his jaw was broken."

Thorne's family said seeing the alleged attacker behind bars is comforting, but they just want things to return back to normal.

"No matter who has done what and what sentence or punishment they're given, there is no true way to balance out justice," said Thompson. "Closure for me will come when I can see my brother standing on his own two feet again."

Authorities said the investigation is ongoing despite Cody Glover's arrest, as they continue to look for a possible motive.

If you have any information in this case, call the Hardin County Sheriff's Department (731) 925-3377.


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