West Tennessee Storm Damage

Natalie Potts

OBION COUNTY, Tenn.- Dozens of residents living near Section Line and Tyson Road in Union City are cleaning up storm damage left behind by Saturday night's pop-up super cell that pushed it's way through West Tennessee.

Emergency Management officials in Obion county told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News there were at least 6 power lines leveled by strong winds. The storm system crossed over a stretch of roadway between Section Line and Tyson Road reportedly downing trees and stripping siding off of some neighboring houses.

"All of a sudden out of nowhere the electricity went out and everything went black," said resident Shane Linder. "There was just a loud roaring whooshing sound. I'm thinking I don't want it to come back anymore and we're fortunate to be alive."

Resident Marilyn Copriva said the storm winds were strong enough to rip off her family member's front porch and carry it over the house into the backyard.

"It was just like chaos the wind was blowing so hard we couldn't even get the front door open to see outside and see what was happening and by that time we had a tree on our house," said Copriva.

Emergency officials in Obion county estimated that the funnel cloud was more than a mile wide, staying about 120 feet above the ground. Local officials said they believe the storm only filled the sky, swept across the city with heavy rain and damaging winds but never touched down to the ground.

"When we looked out the window it was getting really bad we thought it was going to be a tornado," said resident Manuel Martinez.

Officials said the wind was so strong it moved three traveling vehicles off of the roadway, causing each to wreck. Officials confirmation of the tornado may not happen because much of the National Weather Service has been furloughed. For some residents, the damage speaks for itself.

"The government shutdown and they can't even tell you if it is a tornado or not, I don't know but I believe it was a tornado I really do," said Copriva. "It's scary because we've really been lucky with all these storms and now it that it has finally come through I'm just glad thank God no one was hurt."

County officials said most of the damage was reported around Section Line road in Union City. No serious injuries have been reported.


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