Poorhouse Road in Lexington (Submitted Photo)


West Tennessee Storm Damage Round-up (01.30.12)

Chester County – EMA reports that several houses, sheds and barns in the Glendale Road area were damaged in the early morning storm. As of 5:30 a.m., workers had not been able to do a complete damage survey due to it still being dark. That process will begin at daybreak. Four minor injuries were reported to EMA. One home was reported to have had its roof blown off. Many trees and power lines were reported down in the county. Southwest TN EMC reports that damage is almost parallel with Hwy 100. It starts at Hwy 200 and ends at Pine Lake. Roads with confirmed damage are Glendale, Clark's Creek, Laster School, Hwy 22A and the Pine Lake area. There are lots of wire down and numerous broken poles.

Hardeman County - Reports to the NWS indicated that a sawmill was damaged on Highway 138. Several buildings on the site were damaged or collapsed. There were also multiple reports of damage in Bolivar.

Henderson County – As of 5:00 a.m., Sheriff Brian Duke in reported that was a good bit of damage in the Pine Lake and Chesterfield areas. Numerous trees and power lines were down from the early morning storms. Emergency crews have spent much of the early morning hours working to clear trees and power lines that were downed by the storm. A possible tornado was reported in the county. Three injuries were reported to the National Weather Service

Madison County - No major damage reported to EMA officials.

McNairy County – School officials reported that Bethel Springs Elementary School did suffer damage in the storm. The extent of damage was unknown early Wednesday morning. There were also several power outages and downed trees reported in the county. The National Weather Service had reports of a possible tornado. A person was reportedly trapped beneath a mobile home and several others were reported to be trapped in homes along South Parkway in Bethel Springs. Several roads were apparently impassable in the county.


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