West Tennessee Town Considers Making Meth Ingredient RX Only

Heather Mathis

WEAKLEY CO., Tenn.- The city of Martin is considering making the key meth making ingredient only available to purchase by prescription only.

Chief of Police, David Moore, proposed a new city ordinance, Tuesday night that would make it illegal to buy the drug without seeing the doctor.

"If we can limit that, we feel like we can drastically limit the number of these labs we are exposed too," said Chief Moore.

Each city in Weakley County was asked by the county commissioners to draft a similar ordinance. Martin is the first city in the area to propose this type of law.

Martin city board members will vote on the chief's proposal at next Monday's city council meeting. Chief Moore told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News he is aware this might cause an inconvenience to law abiding citizens.

"Times are tough as it is," said Martin resident Vickie Collier. "Nobody has money like that anymore to go see the doctor all the time."

Chief Moore said he hopes other cities will consider similar ordinances.

"I want to make one thing clear. I don't presume for a moment this ordinance will stop meth. We hope this and similar ordinances across the region hopefully will stop the explosion of meth labs we have encountered," said Chief Moore.

Mayor Randy Brundidge said if the ordinance passes in next Monday's meeting, there will be a public hearing in August before it takes effect.


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