West Tennessee Treasure - Medina - Medina Banking Company

Laura Bannon

MEDINA - Tenn. - In 1905, the Medina Banking Company started as a 'mom and pop' bank and to this day, still holds onto those values.

Vice President of Medina Banking Company, Charles Johnson explained, "We went through the great depression, there were two other banks in town at that time. Those did not survive, but Medina Banking Company survived those days"

The second floor of the bank was lost to a fire in the 1950s. What survived though, was old records, books and a precious vault.

Johnson said, "It's very unusual to find that because most banks have been bought out and during those years all that kind of stuff was destroyed but ours we still have original records"

Through the depression and over a century later, The Medina Banking Company has watched generation of people come to the bank.

"Of course, Medina is a growing community so we’re always having new families coming and starting that new relationship with them," said Johnson. "We stress to them that we have old relationships and we want to build new one to do the same thing be able to see five generations from now with folks that came in during this period of time."

Embracing old-fashioned ways, The Medina Banking Company is also embracing the new and is looking toward the future.

"We want to change things where they need to be changed. We want to stay abreast of new banking changes and we are. We have every new product you can think of in banking but we also realize that a lot of what makes us unique is what’s been here since 1905. So, as the saying goes, If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it," said Johnson.


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