West Tennessee Treasures - McKenzie - Bethel University Log Cabin

Laura Bannon

MCKENZIE, Tenn. - A simple two room log cabin is one of the oldest buildings at Bethel University. This log cabin is a replica of the original Presbyterian Church in Tennessee.

Jennifer Glass, Director of Public Relations and Marketing, explained, "The log cabin was constructed in 1925, it was the freshman class who constructed it, it was a reminder to everyone of the humble beginning of the Presbyterian church."

Those who worked on the cabin are still commemorated even to this day.

Glass said, "Each person who bought a log, it was $35 even in 1925, each person who bought a log... their name is on a plaque on a gold plate in the log cabin."

Now this log cabin serves as a reminder to students of time gone by.

"Even to the people here in this community this is a very prominent building." Glass explained, "It's right here by the main road and so it's truly is a reminder to them too that this particular institution has been here for a long time. It does represent values of a faith and tradition that this community can be proud of."

The log cabin is now used for Bethel University's Religion Department.

Bethel University Religion Professor, John Carlock said, "It's a beautiful place to come, a restful place to come, study, talk." He said, "I occasionally have small classes over, the seniors and graduated to come. It's a nice thing to be able to do."


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