What the FBI and Your Wifi Connection Have in Common

Are there FBI surveillance vans in your neighborhood?

Recently some people are starting to get creative to keep others from stealing their wireless internet.

The trend is sweeping the county, especially the popular "FBI Surveillance Van" name.

Dana Hampton was shocked to see what came up for wifi options when she was in search for an internet connection during a health and wellness seminar in Jackson.

"I thought that maybe the FBI [or] someone not that smart with the FBI was outside watching because I was actually there by the 4-H building and state government building," Hampton said.

It turned out the feds where not eavesdropping. After a little investigating, Hampton says she found out a man at the event was trying using a funny way for people to stay off his wireless connection.

This seemingly harmless prank is no joke to some. Several online posts show people out there are absolutely paranoid.

"It doesn't make any sense that [the FBI] would do that," Hampton said. "But there could be a possibility."

"FBI Surveillance Van" is not the only clever wifi name that may grab your attention.

"I know somebody who's [wifi] name is 'Identity theft' and somebody is 'knife collector'," Hampton said. "I guess people might want to pick a name that says stay away, back off."


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