Whitehall Pre-K Resumes School

Natalie Potts

JACKSON, Tenn. - Hundreds of students are going back to school after recovering from the widespread flu outbreak, Monday.

Whitehall Pre-K, The University School of Jackson and Trinity Christian Academy were all out of school Wednesday thru Friday last week due to the high number of students and teachers who were out sick with the flu and other illnesses.

School officials at Whitehall Pre-K Center said the three day break helped students and teachers get better. This week there were more students in class Monday morning compared to the beginning of last week, when more than half of the student body and staff in several schools were reportedly out sick.

"It's really good to see all of the students back. We are not at 100 percent. We do still have some children who are out sick but nothing like it was last Tuesday. So, that three days off, and then the weekend really did I believe it really did help us to get better," said Dr. Tiffany Green, Principal of Whitehall Pre-Kindergarten Center.

At Whitehall Pre-K, officials told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News there were 40 students and just 3 teachers out Monday. Those numbers are down from last week when 101 students and 20 teachers were out sick.

Even though students are getting better, teachers said it is important for parents to remember to keep their sick children home.

"With our children being so young and their immune systems just not all that good, we really need for them to stay at home. We want the kids to be here when they are well, but, when they are sick, they need to stay at home and rest and get better," said Dr. Green.


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