Winter Allergies Can Cause Flu-Like Symptoms

Laura Bannon

JACKSON, Tenn. - Feeling achy, having a running nose, and a fever. It sounds like the flu, but is it really the flu?

In the midst of a flu epidemic, allergies are the last thing most of us think about.

Jackson resident, Denise White explained, "I haven't heard many people saying they're bothered with allergies in the winter time ... it's usually the germs and colds instead of allergies."

"People are more confined to the indoors and there's not quite as much circulation because everything is closed down and so if there's dust or any type of allergen in there you're going to be more exposed,"
said Adult Nurse Practitioner Vickie Honeycutt.

Dust can collect around the house at any time of the year. In the winter-time, when temperatures drop below freezing dust becomes less common.

Meaning other allergens like pollen and mold can build up in your home and can trigger allergies. With a slightly warmer than usual winter, which we are experiencing right now in West Tennessee, you may see more dust building up in your home.

If allergies are ignored especially in the winter, Honeycutt, said the symptoms can feel like the flu.

She said, "With a bad allergy attack you can feel pretty bad, you can have a lot of sneezing, coughing, and feel achy. You just really don't feel good at all... but the flu is so much worse."


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