Witnesses: Man Robs Bank, Uses Money to Try and Get Hair Cut

Caitlyn Jones

You might think after robbing a bank the last thing on someone's mind would be their hair. However Jackson police say that seems to be the case after a Thursday morning bank robbery.

Hairstylists at a salon on North Parkway say the man walked in with a bag full of ink stained cash . He told them he either needed a haircut or a taxi.

Witnesses there say he acted very nervously and they knew something wasn't right, so they called the police. Immediately they were told a robbery had just been reported nearby at the Regions bank on North Parkway.

"The operator on 911 said there was a situation going on and that police were on the way to keep him in sight, and get as many people out of the building as possible." said hair stylist Nicole Pomeroy.

Pomeroy said officers were on the scene within moments and took the man into custody.

The 37-year-old Vietnamese man, believed to be from Maryland, is being held at the Madison County Jail. As of late Thursday, his name has not been released because he had not been formally charged. Police are still trying to determine if the suspect acted alone. No vehicle linked to the robbery has been recovered.


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