Deborah Claybrooks


Woman Accused of Trying to Kidnap Child

Heather Mathis

DYER CO., Tenn.- A Dyersburg woman is behind bars accused trying to kidnap a three-year-old boy right in front of his mother and family.

According to Dyersburg Police, Deborah Claybrooks, said she wanted to give the children playing outside crayons and coloring books. Investigators saidy she grabbed James Rogers, 3, and tried to put him in her car.

"I was scared, and I was mad at the same time," said mother Shatina Clay, who took her son from Claybrooks arms. "When she let him go I just grabbed him and the other kids and went in the house."

The family told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News they thought this situation only happened in movies.

"She wouldn't let him go she said she wanted to play with him," said Clay.

Claybrooks is charged with especially aggravated kidnapping. Investigators did not say what motive she had for wanting the child.

Claybrooks is being held in jail in lieu of $25,000 bond.


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