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Woman Charged in Theft of Dead Baby's Ashes

Emily Cassulo

A young woman in Chester County is accused of stealing the ashes of another mother's stillborn baby.

Police say the infant was born prematurely just a month ago, but some of her ashes disappeared Monday.

The suspect told 7 Eyewitness News off camera she is innocent, and she is confident it will be proven in court.

All Susan Jones said she has left of her stillborn baby is a box of keepsakes.

"My baby is in a box, and then somebody comes in and takes her from me," Jones said.

She said she has gone through a lot in the past month, but never thought her baby's ashes would be stolen.

"You can't replace ashes from a deceased child. I would much rather her have taken my television, my Xbox, anything but my baby," Jones said.

Henderson police said officers got a call from Jones' boyfriend Monday, that Kelli Stanfield, 20, had stolen their cremated baby's ashes, which had an engraved ID tag.

According to the police report, Stanfield came to their apartment that afternoon saying she had lost her baby, and asked to see their baby's ashes.

The report said when Stanfield left the apartment, Jones noticed some of the ashes were missing.

Jones said she did not see this coming. She considers Stanfield family. They even live in the same apartment complex.

"She had come to me, I thought for a shoulder to cry on, comfort, support, 'cause she knew I had just gone through something very similar, you know, the same thing," she said.

Officers in the report said they spoke to Stanfield later that night. It said she told them at first the ashes she had were her baby's, but then they said she admitted to officers they were stolen.

Investigators said Stanfield was released from the Chester County Jail, Tuesday afternoon, on her own recognizance.

Her next court appearance is Friday at 10:00 a.m. in Chester County General Sessions Court.


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