Woman Killed in Hit and Run Crash on I-40

BENTON, CO. Tenn. -- Two tragic car accidents early Thursday morning leaves an elderly woman dead and a her daughter in the hospital.

A mother and daughter from West Virginia were driving westbound on Interstate 40 at mile marker 128 this morning. Someone slammed into the back of their car and sped off.

Lieutenant Brad Wilbanks with the Tennessee Highway Patrol was on the scene of the accident.

"The Pontiac left the roadway, overturned several times killing the 83 year old passenger," Wilbanks said. "Her daughter was the driver of the vehicle. She was transported to Jackson Madison County Hospital."

Alice Williamson was killed in the crash. Both women were wearing their seat belts.

State Troopers are now looking for the person responsible for the accident.

"There is nothing we can do to bring the lady back," Wilbanks said. "She lost her life. But we can give this family closure and give them justice. There are things that need to be done."

Four hours after the deadly wreck, Benton County was also the scene of another violent accident. Two tractor trailers collided at mile marker 131, in the west bound lane of Interstate 40.The Driver of a UPS truck suffered serious injuries.

Dwayne Collins, a Camden Resident, was near the wreck when it happened.

"It hit so hard it knocked out the motor and everything," Collins said. "The cab was totally pushed back. I don't know how the driver even survived."

Two accidents three miles apart this morning that backed up traffic on Interstate 40 for more than seven miles.


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