Woman Mad Tree Debris Left on Her Property

Mallory Cooke

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn.- A Madison County woman is upset after she says Jackson Energy Authority crews cut down her trees and did not clean up.

JEA workers cleaned up a property on Windy City Road on Monday. “I think that it should be left better than the way they found it,” said Taina Edwards, the homeowner.

Edwards said JEA cut down trees on her property to make room for power lines. She says she waited three months for JEA to clean up the mess.

“I’d been constantly told that it was gonna be cleaned up and it hadn’t been,” she said.

Edwards says she made close to a dozen phone calls. She also put up a sign that says “Landscaping Courtesy of Jackson Energy Authority.”

“I put it up on Thursday and Monday morning 7:30 a.m. everybody was here taking care of it,” said Edwards.

JEA Communications Manager Steve Bowers said wet weather delayed the cleanup. “We have been waiting til we had some dry out there because of the equipment that’s necessary to move that stuff off,” he said.

Bowers said JEA shares the services in that part of the county with Southwest Tennessee Electric. “What they’re trying to do is facilitate the services for both systems out there,” he said.

The utility company said they were under the impression residents knew they would eventually cleanup.


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