Molly Jane Roe


Woman Pleads Guilty to Killing 17 Month Old Child

ALAMO, Tenn. - A woman scheduled to go on trial for murder Wednesday entered a guilty plea in Crockett County Circuit Court.

Molly Jane Roe pleaded guilty to the murder of her boyfriend’s 17-month-old daughter Maleeya Murley. Roe was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole.

In June 2011, officials stated that the child, Maleeya Marie Murley, allegedly suffered the abuse that led to her death while at the home of her father, Phillip Murley Jr., who was allowed visitation rights every other weekend. Police said Maleeya's biological mother had custody of the child at the time of the abuse. Police said Roe raped the child and threw her onto a table hard enough to kill her.


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