Woman Reportedly Shot by her 2-Year-Old

Natalie Potts

CARROLL COUNTY, Tenn.- Carroll County Sheriff Deputies are investigating after a new mother was hospitalized for a gunshot wound to her stomach, Sunday.

Carroll County Sheriff Andy Dickson told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News that the mother Rekia Kid, 22, was shot in the stomach by her 2-year-old son at her Lavinia home, Sunday. Investigators said the mother was sleeping with her three-week-old baby and toddler at the time of the shooting. Dickson said they believe the toddler accidentally shot his mother after finding a Glock 9 mm stored underneath Kid's pillow.

"I've been with the Sheriffs Department for 20 years and never seen an accidental discharge like this. I have seen several accidental discharges but never one like this," said Sheriff Dickson . " I would love to encourage any firearm owner to treat their weapon with respect, to keep it to where children can not get a hold of it. "

Neighbor Michael Jeter said somehow Kid was able to make it down her steps,across their yard to his front porch where his four year old son found her.

"She was laying on my porch bleeding and she was screaming that her 2 year old found their gun and shot her," said Jeter." It was horrible, I've never seen anything like that, I actually thought she was going to die right there on the porch."

Neighbors banded together, Jeter said some held pressure onto the gunshot wound while others called 911.

"All I could think was the kid was still over there with the gun so I ran into her house, i didn't know if he still had the gun or not," said Jeter.

Jeter carefully went back into the house, and grabbed the toddler to safety. Then his wife then ran in to get the newborn baby out of the bed.

"She just kept screaming that she didn't think she was going to make it, she didn't think she was going to make it and to please please take care of my children," said Jeter.

After hearing that it would take a while for an ambulance, neighbors formed a plan and helped carry her to a car. Jeter said a neighbor drove her at least 30 minutes to the nearest hospital in Milan. Sheriff Dickson said the neighborhood's quick reaction to get Kid to a hospital saved her life.

"She lives in a remote area of the county and it would have taken a long time for an ambulance to get there," said Dickson. " So I think she made a wise decision to put her in a private vehicle and carry her on."

Deputies said Kid was airlifted to the MED, Regional Medical Center at Memphis, where she is currently listed in serious but stable condition. Authorities said Kid's spouse was away at guard training in Trenton when the shooting happened. Neighbors said she was left with the children at home without a phone.

"If it wouldn't have been for everybody out here coming together I don't know that we would have got her took care of, it was completely scary," said Jeter.

Dickson said per protocol they've notified the Department of Child Protective Services to investigate.


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