Woman Says She Helped Police Catch Shooting Suspects

Erica Williams

BOLIVAR, Tenn. -- Laquisha Dennis said it's her tip that led police to one of the suspects who shot at her car.

"I have helped get one in custody right now," Dennis said. "I blocked him off a few minutes ago and police were able to pick him up."

On Wednesday, police arrested Kavascia Woods and Jamario Anderson in connection with the shooting.

On Monday night, police said the men fired at Dennis' boyfriend who was driving her car. Three people were with him. Dennis said she was in a car behind them and saw everything.

"I was yelling and hollering and screaming because it was so many gunshots and I didn't know if my boyfriend was hit," Dennis said.

Police said no one was hurt, but Woods and Anderson are charged with four counts of attempted murder.

"The violence in East Bolivar...on a scale from one to ten, it's eleven," Dennis said.

Bolivar Police Chief Pat Baker released this statement: "We are aware of residents' concerns of safety in East Bolivar. We have officers patrolling the area throughout the day and night to increase safety."

Police said despite residents' concerns, crime in East Bolivar has decreased since previous years, partly due to their increased patrol.

Police said no formal complaints have been made about other shots being fired in the area. They are asking anyone with information to contact the Bolivar Police Department.

In the meantime, Dennis said she will do her part to help keep her community safe.

"People are scared to talk," Dennis said. "But if I see you with a handgun, I will tell police and you will be prosecuted because I have kids that have to live in this community."


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