Woman Says Someone Has Been Opening Her Mail

Emily Cassulo

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. - A West Tennessee woman is sending a warning to her neighbors this holiday season, saying someone has been opening her mail.

Amy Delmonico said she was upset after finding an envelope ripped open inside her mailbox.

"It looked like the card had been just pulled out, and then checked for cash, and then shoved back in the envelope, and then thrown back in the mailbox," she said.

Delmonico said she has lived off Harts Bridge Road for four years, and has not had anything like this happen.

"I felt like someone had just violated my privacy because that's for us," she said. "I felt that, if someone's going to send me a Christmas card, then it should be to me and to my family."

The Madison County Sheriff's Department is investigating.

"They told us to keep a check on our credit, and things like that, to make sure no one was taking any credit card applications that were sent to us."

Delmonico said she is just glad the card did not have money in it.

"Especially around this time, you're just taking away from something magical, 'cause we have relatives that send us things all the time, so I feel like you would be taking away my kids' joy when you do that."

And she is relieved it was her mailbox and not her home.

Since this happened, Delmonico said they have gotten a P.O. box and will have packages delivered to another location.

To try to keep this from happening to you, the sheriff's department said to pick up your mail right after it is delivered.

If you are away, have a neighbor who is home pick it up for you.


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