Women Excited to Be Able to Choose Military Combat Careers

Erica Williams

JACKSON, Tenn-The Department of Defense's recent decision to lift the ban that prohibited women from fighting in military combat is directly affecting some local residents.

Most of the ROTC students at North Side High School in Jackson said they plan to pursue careers in the military. They said both sexes are treated and trained equally in their program and the same should apply in the services.

After hearing that, the 1994 ban will be lifted, allowing women to fight on the front lines, if they choose.Many women said they are excited about the decision; but it is long overdue.

"There are a lot of women who love the military and were in the military but unable to do what they wanted because of the ban," said Summer Carroll, a ROTC student.

Some argue that women will be a distraction and are not physically able to fight on the front lines.

"Science proves it," said ROTC student, Skylar Massey. "Women are not physically able to do a lot of stuff that men are able to do."

The change is not a quick process. According to the plan laid out by the Department of Defense, services will have until January 2016 to complete the implementation of the changes.


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