Judge: Zach Adams should not be treated differently in jail

DECATURVILLE, Tenn. -- Zach Adams, one of the men accused of kidnapping and killing nursing student Holly Bobo, appeared in court on Wednesday afternoon.

Judge Creed McGinley said during the status hearing he did not want Adams, 28, to be treated any differently in the Chester County Jail than other inmates.

"I don't want, simply because of the nature of his charge, for him to be treated any differently than any other person at that holding facility," Judge McGinley said.

This comes after Adams' attorney asks that Adams be taken out of solitary confinement.

Chester County Sheriff Blair Weaver, who is in charge of Adams' housing at the jail, says Adams will stay in solitary confinement unless ordered otherwise.

Judge McGinley also said in court Wednesday he wants this case to move along quickly. He wants the state to hand over all evidence in the next 90 days. Assistant District Attorney Beth Boswell said it is not an easy task.

"I personally have gone through thousands of pages myself, 3 entire shelves I have gone through, in the last 2 weeks, physically touching each page, so we're steadily working on it," Boswell said.

As Judge McGinley says he wants to bring this case to a close, Tammy Ramey, a friend of the Bobo family, said she is glad to hear it.

"I agree with him, this has been a nightmare for us for over 3 years. This family has been through hell and it needs to come to a close," Ramey said.

Ramey also said the court dates are stressful on the family, and she hopes a break in court appearances will be good for the Bobos' health.

Judge McGinley said the next scheduled court date is December 17th. He said he expects Adams and Jason Autry to make appearances again before then.

Adams was indicted in March on Especially Aggravated Kidnapping and Felony First Degree Murder charges of Bobo. Jason Autry, 39, was indicted on the same charges in April.

Autry and Adams both pleaded not guilty.

Bobo was 20 at the time of her disappearance from her home in Darden. The TBI says the investigation is still ongoing, and maintains Bobo's remains have not been found.


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