Big Ideas to Change the World: Focus of GO! Camp

Laura Bannon

HENDERSON, Tenn. - Over 300 students have come together for a week and are eager to change the world.

Brad Montague is the director of GO! Camp. He said, "I feel like something really special could happen if every high schooler was given a world view."

The goal of GO! Camp is to take single ideas and make them happen on a local, national, or global level through teamwork.

Vallyn Middaetan is one of the hundreds attending camp this week. "I'm just one person and I can't do it all by myself but with others helping me and god looking down on us and helping us we'll be able to get it done," said Middaetan.

GO! camp takes on small idea and makes it big.

Montague explains, "Our heart is to inspire them and empower them to not just come to the camp but live it out every single day."

The first step is the campers are asked to figure out what they are really interested in. Lexee Czeruwonka said, "I like to help special needs kids. So, I'm trying to get a Boys and Girls Club where I'm from and get to the special needs kids to come there."

After each camper decides their interest, the camp counselors spend their time encouraging the kids to shine and push forward with their ideas.

"If you just expose kids to these opportunities and show them what they can do they really will grow and blossom you can figure out what awesome things they can do for the world," said camp counselor Lindsay Kelly.


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