Chattanooga hopes to repair riverfront over summer

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) - Chattanooga's waterfront needs millions of dollars in repairs after erosion on the river's edge led to shifting and cracking in the concrete there.

The City Council has allocated $8 million for the work, but the problem is when to do it.

Larry Zehnder is the city's director of Parks and Recreation. He told the
Chattanooga Times Free Press that it will be a real challenge to try to complete repairs in the time between the Riverbend Festival
in June and Head of the Hooch in November. Those are the riverfront's two biggest events of the year.

Preliminary plans are under review and bids are expected to go out by

Officials also hope to complete some improvements, such as elevated crosswalks, boat ramps and a visitors center with restrooms.


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