Col. Reb Ballot Initiative Withers

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - An effort to enshrine an Old South university mascot into the Mississippi Constitution is a lost cause - at least for now.

Arthur Randallson directs the Colonel Reb Political Action Committee, a group pushing a ballot initiative to make the University of Mississippi revive a mascot it retired in 2003.

Ole Miss shelved Colonel Reb amid concerns the goateed old man resembled a plantation owner. Teams are still called Rebels, but students voted in 2010 for a black bear mascot.

Randallson tells The Associated Press on Friday he won't meet the July 9 deadline to gather signatures to put the Colonel Reb amendment on the statewide ballot.

At least 89,285 signatures are needed, and Randallson says he has about 41,000. He says he might try again in the future.


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