Defense expert: Woman died from past injections

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JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - A defense expert has testified that a Georgia woman died from previous cosmetic injections in her buttocks, not the ones at the center of a murder trial in Mississippi.

The testimony came Tuesday from Dr. Steven Hayne, Mississippi's former state medical examiner, in the depraved-heart murder trial of Natasha Stewart, 40, of suburban Memphis, Tenn.

Stewart is charged in the 2012 death of Karima Gordon, 37, of Atlanta. Authorities Stewart referred Gordon to the injector.

The jury didn't hear Hayne's testimony, which came as part of a prosecution challenge of his methodology. Hinds County Circuit Court Judge Bill Gowan approved Hayne as a witness.

Opening arguments had been scheduled Tuesday, but snowfall was blamed for a delay when two jurors didn't show up.

Opening arguments are now scheduled for Wednesday.


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