Halloween Safety Tips and Tricks

Kids have a lot to get excited about on Halloween night, but it's up to adults to keep them safe while they're out collecting candy.

Some smartphone apps can help parents make sure the evening is safe and fun.

The excitement of that costume. The bagfuls of candy. The spooky decorations from house-to-house. Halloween can be a big night out for kids, but a big worry for parents. A number of free apps aim to help make the evening, a safe one.

GPS based apps like life 360 keep tabs on the whole family if kids go separate ways around the neighborhood. The app for apple and android allows families to share their real-time location information, and send messages, like when it's time to come home.

The free FBI child ID app allows parents to create digital profiles for children, so information like height, weight, and photos can be at hand and given to police if a child goes missing. It's available for iPhone and Android.

Another Halloween tradition, pumpkin carving, can also be risky. The consumer product safety commission says sharp tools should be left to grownups. And instead of an open flame to light up that face, try a battery operated candle or flashlight.

And if little ones aren't quite ready for the real jack-o-lantern experience, parents can try safe Halloween fun at home with an app like the pumpkin masters official carving app for iPad. It lets users share their creations digitally minus knives, candles and mess.


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