Tractor company building new Chattanooga facility

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - State officials say Southeast Mahindra USA plans to build a new tractor assembly and distribution facility in Chattanooga, creating 55 jobs in the process.

Economic and Community Development Commissioner Bill Hagerty said Wednesday that the expansion represents an investment of $4 million in Hamilton County.

The assembly plant will receive and store components and materials required for final assembly of tractors for distribution to over 500 retail dealerships.

The new facility is an outgrowth of Chattanooga Tractor and Equipment, Inc., a family-owned tractor dealership established in 1971. When Mahindra decided to relocate its assembly and distribution facility, company president Randy Topping won the contract and retrofitted his dealership.

Officials say the venture has outgrown the available space and requires the building of the new facility.


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