Olympics-inspired Sporty Hairstyles

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By Shelley Levitt for The Style Glossy

Olympics-inspired Sporty Hairstyles

Olympics-inspired Sporty Hairstyles

We’re really looking forward to watching the incredible female athletes compete in the London 2012 Summer Olympics. And while we always admire the extraordinary bodies and amazing physical feats of these women, we confess that we’re also often struck by how great their hair looks! We asked Tina Dizon, owner of the new Beverly Hills, Calif., boutique salon The Private Room, for some advice on the best hairdos for a day spent breaking a sweat, if not breaking records.

1. The slick ponytail is always in, says Dizon, but a tight braid is even more chic. Mix a bit of hair gel with your favorite oil or leave-in conditioner. Use no more than a nickel-sized dollop in all. “The gel will help hold the style, while the conditioner or oil will keep moisture in your hair if you’re out in the sun,” says Dizon. Start the braid on damp hair, keeping it close to your head and no higher than the nape of your neck.

2. If your hair is short or you have bangs, try headbands. Crisscross a couple of thin, elastic headbands about two inches back from your hairline. Secure the headbands with a bobby pin or two on each side so they don’t slip when you’re spiking the ball in a rousing game of volleyball. Or try a thicker band worn just behind your ears. Lululemon, the athletic wear company, makes pretty “slipless” bands with silicone grips.

3. Headwraps go from the court or track to cocktails and beyond. Seen on Rihanna and Nicole Richie, this hair accessory is also the perfect way to conceal a bad hair day. You can find headscarves at shops like Madewell, or make one yourself. Choose a medium-sized scarf -- about 18 inches by 18 inches -- in a fabric that has a touch of stretch to it, like cotton jersey. Fold in half, center on your head just above your forehead with the fold facing front. Pull tight and twist the ends into a knot. Need more help? Just search the Web for YouTube tutorials.

Shelley Levitt, managing editor of The Style Glossy, is a former West Coast editor of Self and senior writer at People.

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