Abused Horses and Rescue Group Need Help

Natalie Potts

JACKSON, Tenn. - One local rescue group in Jackson is working to rehabilitate nine horses taken in what they said was one of the worst cases of animal starvation in West Tennessee.

The horses were surrendered over to Redemption Road Rescue by their owners in Gibson County earlier this week.

Officials said three of the horses died from starvation at the farm, while rescuers were on the scene.

"The owner tried to give these horses away tried to find homes and tried to find help,"said Lori Collins, Founder of Redemption Road Rescue. "It's overwhelming. We feel like sometimes defeated, hopeless even though we never give up hope."

Stella, one of the nine horses saved, is fighting to survive the final stages of starvation. Volunteers said her owners were struggling financially.

"The economy is really bad. We've had somewhat of a hay shortage at periods over the last couple of years," said volunteer Melissa Floyd. "She is not out of the woods yet she is very weak and she is an older horse so she is going to have a difficult time bouncing back."

Redemption Road runs on donations alone. Organizers said keeping the rescue doors open is a struggle.

"The thought of us going under is a nightmare for me knowing that we won't be able to save any more horses,"said Collins. "We see this every single day we get calls every single day on horses in the exact same situation."

Redemption Road said there are 25 horses currently at the rescue, ready for adoption. If you would like to help, contact Lori Collins at 731-616-1440


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