Autumn Fest Gives Tips To Jackson Gardeners

JACKSON, Tenn. -- The University of Tennessee West Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center in Jackson hosted an event geared toward gardeners.
At the event, organizers showed gardeners which plants would sustain the upcoming winter season. 
"Any of your woody plants or your really hardy perrineals could go in the fall," Carol Reese said, Ornamental Horticulture Specialisst at Ag Service, said. "That way, when spring comes they're settled, they're going to show off for you, you're going to have a lot less watering to do even next summer because these roots will be so much better settled into that soil."
Some plants that were sold at the festival were Kentucky Coffee tree, Quince tree, Dwarf Bald Cypress, several magnolia cultivars, Winterberry Holly and Anise Shrub.  
For more details on Autumn Fest, go to A complete list of plants to be sold (including quantities and prices) will soon be posted.



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