Tennessee Domestic Violence Rates Down

JACKSON,Tenn. -- According to a study released Tuesday by the TBI, domestic violence rates have dropped in the entire state of Tennessee.

Once an abuse victim herself, Cinda Gee, who now works as a therapist, is relieved to hear domestic violence rates are down in Tennessee.

Before she was helping other people through their problems, Gee says she was facing demons of her own.

"I grew up in a cult and the occult was extremely abusive," Gee said. "But for us it was normal."

Gee says is glad to see their efforts to curb domestic violence are working. 

The Jackson Police Department has also seen a significant decrease in domestic violence homicides. However, JPD has created a domestic violence unit.  

Captain Tyreece Miller says police interference helps prevent these cases from turning deadly.

"We've seen a turn around in 2010 up until the present," Miller said. "We've had 28 homicides in Jackson and only two can be attributed to domestic violence and that's less than 10 percent."

Daryl Chansuthus, the executive director of WRAP, says reporting abuse is the first step toward stopping the problem.

We are completely confidential," Chansuthus said. "We do not share your information with anyone so that's one of our most important services in terms of providing that initial support system. 

To contact WRAP, dial 1-800-273-8712 

To read the full TBI report, click  here:


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