Dream Center Needs Donations

Natalie Potts

JACKSON, Tenn. - As temperatures drop, one shelter that is known to help homeless families get back on their feet is asking for help in keeping women and children warm this winter.

The Jackson Dream Center currently houses more than 60 women and children. The center's purpose is to provide a safe place for homeless families until they can transition into permanent housing.

"I was broken when I got here. I didn't know which way I was going to turn, so for me this is a life saver for me and my children," said Barbara Goche.

Organizers said the center is struggling to provide winter clothing for the families living there. Dream Center operates through donations alone.

"There is more people out of work, more families that can't make ends meet with a minimum wage job," said Dream Center Director Gail Gustafson."They've already had a tough time in life and so to see them with needs that you can't meet, it hurts."

Right now jackets, scarfs, blankets and gloves are limited and most of the jackets that have been donated to kids go against school dress code policies. Gustafson said she needs winter clothes for toddlers, teens, and adult women. As for school age children, the shelter needs school appropriate clothes such as long sleeved polo shirts and plain jackets that are not hooded.

The Dream Center is located at 49 Old Hickory Blvd East Jackson, Tennessee. If you would like to donate contact: (731) 512-0095.


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