Gift Giving Etiquette and Guidelines

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-For business associates, some companies and corporations have rules and restrictions on whether their employees may accept gifts. If a large company, it may be best to check with the HR department where the person works to make sure they can accept gifts and if there are nay restrictions

-Gifts of a personal nature should be avoided; gift certificates related to health, beauty, fitness or gifts such as perfumes are best fit for a family member.

-A bottle of wine or alcohol is usually not recommended unless you know the likes and dislikes of the recipient

-Avoid gifts related to religion or politics unless you are confident in the person's beliefs

-Sometimes the gift for a boss is a group effort with a set amount to spend. Never give a gift to the boss just to get in good favor.

-Remember your newspaper carrier, hair dresser, housekeeper and yard person should get gratuity if he or she has done an exceptional job this year

-Remember not everyone celebrates Christmas.

-Gifts that suggest self-improvement are an absolute no-no

-Don't think that the more expensive the gift, the more the recipient will like it. There is no hard and fast rule regarding a gift amount expect with some officers when there is a group giving

-For family and friends, the best gifts of all are your time and talents.


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