Healthwatch: Dizzy Spells

WEST JACKSON -- If you're someone who experiences dizzy spells, you're not alone. Many people receive treatment. Experts say being proactive in properly treating dizziness and balance problems can help tremendously.

Sufferers know having dizziness and balance problems can be frustrating.
"It's really bad when I lay down in the bed in the morning and wake up then sit up on the side of the bed," Nancy Durrance said, who receives dizziness and balance treatment. "I'd have to sit there for 30 seconds before I could gain my balance."
These types of problems are common.
"At least one out of three people go to the doctor's office in this country and complain of dizziness," Jane David, a physical therapist said.
If you talk to your doctor about dizziness or balance problems, here's an important tip to remember:
"Dizziness is a very vague term and can be a lot of different things, so they need to be sure they spell out exactly what they feel," David said. 
The kind of medication or treatment needed to help correct dizziness or balance problems will vary. 
"It's important for the patient to realize dizziness is a symptom that has many different causes and they need to have that symptom addressed,"David said. 
When talking to your doctor about dizziness or balance symptoms, be sure to ask if vestibular therapy would be the right treatment for you.
More information on treatment for dizzy spells can be found here


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