New Ordinance to Cut Down "False Alarm" Calls

JACKSON, Tenn. - Those in Jackson with fire or burglary alarms should take notice of a new city ordinance.

Starting on October 1, if a single alarm system sounds three false alarms, owners can now be fined $25 under a city ordinance. Also, all commercial and residential fire and burglar alarm systems in the City of Jackson must be registered, or the owners of the alarms will be fined $25.  
The police and fire departments will still respond to all reported alarms whether the alarm is registered or not.  After October 1, when police or fire respond to an alarm location that is not registered or whose registration is incorrect or outdated, the responsible parties will be fined $25 each time a response is required while that address remains unregistered or incorrectly registered.
City council members recently passed the ordinance due to the high numbers of false alarm calls. Between March and September of this year, there were 943 locations with three or more false alarms. The Alarm Manager at the Jackson Police Department sent warning notices to these locations this week. Take note that these are only warning notices.
Officials say the reason why this ordinance got passed is because firemen and police officers need to be using their time to answer legitimate calls.
Please register your alarm at where alarm owners or responsible parties can also access a copy of the Alarm Ordinance and some helpful answers to frequently asked questions.


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